The “Fantastic-Five” Graduate from the Down syndrome Resource Centre in Nigeria

In a country like Nigeria, It is a known fact that virtually every person with disability (specifically Down syndrome) in Nigeria is stigmatized, marginalized and excluded from the society due to retrogressive cultural/religious beliefs.

There is a dire need to “bridge the gap” between persons with Down syndrome and the wider society by making sure the right structures are put in place. This has been the mission of the Down syndrome Foundation, Nigeria since inception- and has been true to the cause for 15 years now.

The DSFN has a resource centre where persons with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities are trained and empowered with livelihood skills that will make them useful and relevant in the society.
On the 15th of December, 2016, the foundation had their first graduation ceremony where five talented adults with Down syndrome were “launched” into the world to unleash their potentials.

These ones were able to achieve this milestone amidst all the challenges because some set of people believed in them. We can help people with Down syndrome and other forms of disability if we believe and help them tap into their potentials.

See the Ability in their Disability!