Training at Patrick Speech and Language Center, on how to manage children with certain types of disabilities

The training held on the 26th of August, 2017; with four of our staff in attendance: Janet Alao (Head teacher of the Ibadan chapter of the Foundation), Christiana (Head teacher at the Benin chapter), Segun Adekanbi (a class teacher at the Lagos chapter), and Kabiru Wasiu (a class teacher at the Lagos Chapter).

They were better equipped with skills on how to teach “Self-help” to children/adults with certain disabilities:

  • Understanding the steps involved in each skill.
  • Providing quantum opportunities to practice the skill.
  • Ensuring the child/adult has the time they need to successfully complete the task.
  • Using strategies that are appropriate each child/adult.
  • Giving tons of specific and positive feedback and compliment to each child/adult.

Self-help skills are everyday tasks in life, which is also referred to as activities of daily living: dressing and undressing, buttoning and unbuttoning, toileting and grooming, brushing, personal hygiene, cooking, crossing the road, vocational skills etc. Which differs from child to child, and adult to adult. It is necessary for each child/adult to be as independent as possible. Difficulties with self-help skills make an individual depend on other people, which rubs off on their social skills and limits their ability to make friends.

Our staff, also had an updated knowledge on the difficulties associated with “self -help skill” (Bilateral coordination, Visual Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skill, Gross Motor Skills, and Organizational Skills etc.), and the building blocks necessary to develop self-help skills.