Staff Training at WaveCrest College of Hospitality

We are driven towards excellence, and love to see to it that our staff are better equipped and updated at what they do.


Aderoju Adepeju, a therapist by profession, a caregiver and head teacher at the foundation, and Ndiana Ita, one of the vocational teachers at the Foundation; together attended a one month culinary training at the Wave Crest College of Hospitality, from August 7 to September 6th, 2007.

Ndiana , Adepeju and the  Chef

Ndiana , Adepeju and the Chef

They were thought how to prepare:

Chinese Rice, Egg dishes – (scrambled egg, omelets, hard and soft egg etc.),

Cakes and icing – (fruit cake, chocolate cake, plain marble cake, and pineapple upside-down etc.),

Cream caramel – (glace icing, royal icing, fondant icing, and butter icing etc.),

Salad dressing – (Nicoise salad, Russian salad, Vinaigrette, and Mayonnaise etc.)

Fish dishes

Meat &Rice – (beef fillet, beef goulash, gravy sauce, steak chasseur, beef stroganoff, and rice pilaf)


They were also thought how to prepare:

Bread &Yeast products – (Basic bread dough, Pizza, Calzone, Buns, Doughnuts, Chelsea buns and Bread roll for Hamburgers etc.)

Meat &Rice – (Beef fillet, Beef Goulash, Gravy sauce, Steak chasseur, Beef stroganoff and Rice pilaf etc.)


Pastry – (Short crust pastry, Sausage roll, Chicken pie and Apple pie etc)

Sandwich – (Club sandwich, Toaster chicken Sandwich, Vegetable Wraps and Roasted Chicken etc.)


They were also given course materials for reference purposes.