True Perfection

Perfect – a word to sum up my life.

The average mother; the average family; the monotone; the precision; the perfection; I have everything, but there was still this void in my heart. What have I given back to the society that has provided me with everything? NOTHING!

As this thought recurred to me, one such day, I realized that I shouldn’t wait for the perfect moment, but make it perfect. A spontaneous decision rendered my husband meeting with Mr Majek, who has been working with DSFN. As fate decreed, I decided to visit the organization the next day.

As the gate of the organization opened, I was welcomed and greeted by Mr Majek, who briefed about the place and how it worked. He introduced to few of the other volunteers who have been working hard to reach the people and create awareness and igniting a new way of thinking about persons with Down syndrome.

I was then taken to meet Mrs. Rose Mordi, who was sitting there multi tasking but still very calm and composed. She welcomed me to the room and narrated her world wide exposure and experiences she underwent during the course of her work. She was bubbling with energy, laughing at the same time keeping up with her work and calls.

Mr Majek then took me around, introducing me to the kids and the teachers. The joy that radiated from the kids touched my heart of hearts and suddenly the void healed. They were eager to play games, to answer questions, they all wanted to be carried and played with –given special attention. They hugged me and showed me their work. They were kids full of smiles without a care in the world. Their love was pure and their feelings were real. Their smiles evoked a feeling in me. True Happiness.

As I left the place, a thousand thought replayed and fought for pre eminence in my head, a thousand of words wanted to burst out of my mouth in expression of my feelings. But yet, nothing came out. Yes I was overwhelmed; I knew I found the missing happiness that I had always longed for. My life now defines True Perfection.

Written by Deepa Koushik

Deepa is a mother of two beautiful teenagers and a strong advocate for people with Down syndrome.
She is a teacher and directly involved in the IEP (individualized Education Program) for kids at the centre. She also assists in the Children’s developmental growth and assessment.