What We Do

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Down Syndrome Foundation gives educational programme to children and adults with Down syndrome and other learning disabilities. This includes persons or children who have cerebral palsy associated with; brain damage, autism, severe emotional conflict, children and adolescent with severe hyperactivity disorder.

Children with DS whose conditions have been diagnosed early are given special education; this service is referred to as Early Intervention Programme (E. I. P). This is meant to cater for child’s immediate and unique learning needs and facilitate the child’s developmental milestone. However, before this is done, an assessment test is carried out on the child to diagnose his/her intellectual deficits and medical problems. Our Educational psychologist and medical professionals at the Down syndrome Foundation secretariat do this assessment at 43, Adegoke Street, Surulere, Lagos.

As soon as these educational and medical assessments have been done, the child’s need will be ascertained and the modalities for treatment and therapy will be made known to the parents/ guardian. Similarly, the result of the educational assessment will reveal the child’s strengths and weakness, and an individualized curriculum programme is planned for the child; this programme is unique in the sense that, it is tailored specifically towards the learning needs of each child / young adult since all humans are not equal; each has his/her own learning needs.

Our Service Focus:

Programming– Develop and/or promote programs that enrich the lives of people with Down syndrome.

Education– provide students with Down syndrome, parents and educators with information, resources and support to ensure that individuals with Down syndrome receive a quality education to prepare them for adult lives full of choice and opportunity.

Inclusion – promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome in our schools, communities, recreational facilities and places of employment.

Awareness– increase public awareness, acceptance and understanding about the abilities of individuals with Down syndrome.

Our Vision

Bridging the gap between people living with Downsyndrome and the rest of society

• To strive to bridge the gap between people with Down syndrome and the rest of the society

• To provide information and support for people with Down syndrome, their families and care- givers, as well as being a resource for interested professionals.

To improve knowledge of Down syndrome and champion the rights of people with Down syndrome

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